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Okay, so this week I’m gonna take a break from the technical to just vent a little and maybe give advise, I don’t know yet, lets just see how this goes…

I graduated from Flatiron school in November, it was an amazing experience and I loved almost every minute of it. We are now getting well into March and still no job or even a hint of one. This has me very down and worried about my future this week. I have made so many great connections with amazing people in this industry, some of which are very good friends but I have had ZERO interviews.

I feel like I have done everything they way I should but still…NO INTERVIEWS!

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So what am I doing wrong? my resume looks great, Linkedin…Great! I’m working on projects constantly and applying like a mad man. but still NO INTERVIEWS…

My entire adult life I have gotten all my jobs based off of my personality and then the skill is shown after I’m hired. If I could just get an interview I feel like I would do well. I’m smart, fun and a very very hard and honest worker, so what the H3LL am I doing wrong?

Here’s the biggest problem, I have no experience in this field other than my own personal projects\bootcamp and therein lies the problem. Even entry level positions are looking for 3 years experience so when they see my resume it just gets thrown out instantly. I’m rambling now but I must write a blog so this is what you’re getting…deal with it!

Next week I plan to re evaluate my entire approach and hopefully I will come up with something different because this ain't workin for me any more. I will make more apps, practice more javascript,react,react native and work work work on every aspect of my career. All I want to do is work and learn and better myself and the life of my family. There has to be a company out there for me, there has to be light at the end of this tunnel…

Anyway, hopefully next week will be brighter and I can get out of this funk.

As always, thanks for reading and see you soon.

Learning to code, one day at a time.

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Brian Butterly

Brian Butterly

Learning to code, one day at a time.

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