So I have graduated from a coding bootcamp, now what?…

Photo by Mohammad Shahhosseini on Unsplash

well, this is my experience and I hope it helps.

This week was my first official job search week and boy was it stressful and overwhelming. My first priority this week has been making connections. Making the right connection is important, it can really help you get a job.

Apart from that I have tried to continue my education in what i’ve learned in school and I write code everyday, not only because it’s necessary but also because I just plain enjoy it. It’s very exciting getting involved in this whole new world of stuff I can learn and play with.

Set yourself a goal! This is important to help keep you motivated. I have set a 2 week goal of learning react native enough to build a small app.

Apply apply apply! I don’t think you can go wrong by applying to too many jobs…that’s just not a thing.

Stay positive! This may take a while so it’s important to stay focused and confident, it WILL happen.